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2. MA Reardon Collection

This collection contains photographs, slides, and original artwork of MA Reardon. It also contains correspondences, financial and travel documents, and ephemera that was created and/or collected by MA Reardon throughout her life. The material ranges c. 1916 through c. 2001 and covers the... more

3. Magic Posters

The world of magic has entertained and mystified humans since the first known performance of conjuring by the magician Dedi in ancient Egypt. The first book of magic tricks appeared in 1584. During the 1600s, many similar books were published that described magic tricks. Until the 18th century,... more

8. Malden Houses

Created by the City of Malden Engineering Department, the Malden Houses collection includes photographs of houses in Malden taken between approximately 1891 and 1937. Each photograph includes information about the houses including street(s), house numbers, and direction from which the photo was... more

12. Map and Chart Collection

The Map and Chart Collection includes maps, nautical charts, and surveys from the greater New Bedford area and the world. Important records in this collection include recreations of survey maps of the Old Dartmouth area drawn from the field notes of Benjamin Crane, made 1710-1793, which provide... more

14. Map Collections at Phillips Academy

This collection comprises rare maps that were acquired to fill in gaps in geographic coverage in the map collections donated to Phillips Academy since 2011, most of which focus on the Americas and Europe.These include the: Sydney R. Knafel, Robert E. Diefenbach, Ralph Finos, and Pechter Family... more

15. Mapping Boston Collection

The Mapping Boston Foundation is devoted to the permanent stewardship of the personal map collection of the Boston developer and philanthropist Norman B. Leventhal. Based on his interest in maps and the stories they tell, he founded the Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public... more

18. Maps of the Wards of Newton

The City of Newton owns a wealth of historic materials that speak to the community's social, cultural, and governmental past. These materials reflect the civic life of and provide insight into Newton from the 19th through the early 20th century, a time when Newton was transforming from... more

20. Margaret Fuller Papers, 1837-1884

This collection contains approximately 154 letters, poems, fragments, and journal extracts written by Margaret Fuller (1810-1850) from 1837 to 1850, including letters to William Henry Channing, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Lewis Cass. This material provides insights into Fuller's thoughts about... more