Digital Commonwealth


APIs (Application Programming Interface) provide programmatic machine-based interaction with metadata and image content from items in the Digital Commonwealth collections, allowing this content to be used in other applications and data services.

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Metadata records for all collections and items are accessible in the Digital Commonwealth OAI-PMH feed.

Base URL:


Search results and item detail pages are available as JSON. To retrieve a page as JSON, append .json to the page url, as in the examples below:

Search results:

# normal, return HTML

# return JSON

Item detail:

# normal, return HTML

# return JSON


Digital Commonwealth supports the following International Image Interoperability Framework APIs:

Image 2.0

Base URL:

To request a IIIF Image response, you will need the image identifier. Images have different identifiers than the parent item. To find the image identifier, right-click on the image in a browser window and view or copy the image URL. The image identifier is part of the URL string, as in:

The image identifier can then be used to construct a URL to create a valid IIIF Image request:

# image information request

# full image, 50% size, as JPEG

Presentation 2.0

IIIF Presentation manifests in JSON-LD can be returned by appending /manifest to the URL for the item detail page. (A 404 will be returned if no manifest is available.)

# normal, return HTML

# return IIIF manifest