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Letter from Frances H. Drake, Leominster, [Mass.], to Maria Weston Chapman, Feb. 15th, 1846

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Holograph, signed.
Mrs. Frances H. Drake acknowledges a letter and books [including the Liberty Bell] that she received from Maria Weston Chapman. She has sent Miss R[ichardson] her copy [of the Liberty Bell], and is gratified to have her know that her not receiving it previously was due to a mistake. Miss Richardson "seemed rather inclined to think that Miss Blodgett had proved herself better entitled to consideration than herself." [For more about the subject of Miss Richardson and Miss Blodgett, see Frances H. Drake's letter to Maria Weston Chapman on 18 Jan. 1846, Call No. Ms.A.9.2 v.22, p.8.] In regards to circulating the Liberator, Frances H. Drake suggests that Maria W. Chapman write to Mrs. Olive Hastings of Lancaster, since the paper is not sent to this town. Frances H. Drake and her husband have already collected eight dollars towards the fund for agencies.
Call #:
Ms.A.9.2 v.22, p.20