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Letter from Frances H. Drake, Leominster, [Mass.], to Maria Weston Chapman, Jan. 18th, 1846

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Holograph, signed.
Mrs. Frances H. Drake is worried because, the two friends whom she introduced to Maria Weston Chapman at the anti-slavery fair, Miss Blodgett received two copies of the Liberty Bell and Miss Richardson none. Miss Blodgett is "not a labourer," while Miss Richardson is "one of the most faithful labourers in the field." Frances H. Drake is testing the anti-slavery zeal of the local Unitarians by sending material for work to their sewing circle. Drake has had to retrench, has limited her personal expenses, except for board, to six dollars a year; but she will not give up the Liberator as long as she can live on two meals a day. She feels encouraged by some growth of interest in the cause and by the sympathy of the Unitarian minister Hiram Withington.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.22, p.8