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Letter from Frances H. Drake, Leominister, [Mass.], to Maria Weston Chapman, June 11th, 1843

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Holograph, signed.
Mrs. Frances H. Drake proposes to form a society to be called the Leominster Garrisonian Anti-Slavery Society. She explains that this name was chosen "because I feel sure it will not be taken from us by any other society, as it is so odious to many persons." Frances H. Drake withdrew from the Leominster Female Anti-Slavery Society because of its sectarian and new organizational character. Drake has called a meeting at her house for those disposed to aid the Massachusetts anti-slavery fair; Drake requests that Maria Weston Chapman send an appeal to the ladies of Leominster to be read at the occasion. She also asks that Maria W. Chapman include "a very emphatic 'Thank you Ladies' for your efforts."
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Ms.A.9.2 v.18, p.58