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Letter from Anne Warren Weston, No. 5 Poplar Street, Boston, to Maria Weston Chapman and Henry Grafton Chapman, January 15, 1841

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Holograph, signed.
Anne Warren Weston gives an account of daily events. The Middlesex meeting at Concord was small but spirited. She gives news of acquaintances. Tells of a report that John Smith of Andover, aided by men from Methuen, was "to march upon us at the time of the Annual Meeting [of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society?] and turn out all the Board but [Samuel E.] Sewall..." Anne tells of her experiences while petitioning, in one case having been shown down the back way. Henry Chapman's father has received "a very pretty & complimentary letter from Mrs. Child about your going away." Having found that "there was great distress on account of the Standard," Anne has asked the board (of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society?) to give the Standard $100. Isaac Winslow will pay $200 if the Standard will be put on the same basis as the Liberator by buying the type. Anne has urged "Joy of Nantucket" to give money. Repeatedly mentions the Rev. (Edward Norris?) Kirk. There is brief mention of Gertrude Chapman. Praises William M. Chase.
On the third and fourth page, there is a separate letter from Caroline Weston to Maria and Henry Chapman. Caroline explains an allusion made by Anne W. Weston, in her letter, regarding Mr. Mosley's courtship of Lucy Parsons. The Pennsylvania Freeman has been suspended for a month; the Friend of Man has been stopped; and supposedly that the Herald of Freedom cannot be published. Caroline just received the Standard, and knows it is safe for another week. John Pierpont has asked leave to withdraw his name from the "colour petition." Harriet Martineau has sent Maria and Henry Chapman her book, The Hour and the Man.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.15, p.10