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Letter from Augustus Hesse, Camp, 9th Mass. Battery, Centreville, Va., to Deborah Weston, May 27th, 1863

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Holograph, signed.
Augustus Hesse is glad that Mrs. Weston was pleased with the memorial, and he understands that she wants to put it in the Weymouth post office for people to see. Hesse sends his thanks to Mr. [Richard] Warren Weston for the excellent cheese and cigars sent to Fort Ramsay. Hesse said: "I know Mr. Weston is a very good-hearted gentleman." Hesse specifically thanks several members of the Weston family and sends his regards "with three cheers for the Victory of Vicksburg---!" Hesse describes his tent and says "it is beautiful now---stockaded again." He gives news regarding his military camp. The men are healthy and have nice times because they have been paid for four months. Hesse read the speech of Gov. Andrew at the presentation of flags to the 54th [African American] Regiment. Hesse comments that "it would be the greatest pleasure for me to see a colored Regt." He thinks that the black soldiers will fight hard for their freedom. Soldiers are needed this summer, as so many are going home, "they will be missed very much---they are old Soldiers. ...Now I heard a good many say that Recruits will fight just as well as old troops---but I do not beleave [sic] it." Hesse explains why and mentions understanding "Flank-movements the Rebels so often trye [sic]." Hooker is not doing anything now but holds his position, as he is too weak against Lee. Hesse wants "to give the Rebels Battles wherever we meet them, so the war will be short."
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Ms.A.9.2 v.31, p.52