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Letter from Henry Crabb Robinson, London, [England], to John Bishop Estlin, 1847 June-November 30

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Letter from Henry Crabb Robinson, London, [England], to John Bishop Estlin, 1847 June-November 30
Henry Crabb Robinson writes to John Bishop Estlin in June 1847 in regards to anti-slavery publications. W. Putnam's sermon and pamphlet supplies quotations used in an anti-slavery meeting. He writes, "Seriously it is marvelous that people should be so dull as not to see that those quotations amply prove the pro-slavery spirit of the writer. Whenever you come forward with any direct notion on the subject I will with pleasure attend the meeting." He hopes he will be able to attend the College meeting in July. He asks Estlin to look over the "Biographical Supplement." / Henry Crabb Robinson writes to John Bishop Estlin on June 3rd,1847 in regards to reading his "Brief Notes of American Slavery." He has become a member of Unitarianism. He writes, "I highly value U-Christianity and cherish it as the only Christianity which I can accept." He discusses events at the "late U:A. meeting." He was so worn out by Dr. B's speech at the U: A meeting that he left. / Henry Crabb Robinson writes to John Bishop Estlin on Oct[ober] 12,1847 in regards to Estlin putting his name to the address to the American Unitarians. He discusses his participation with Clarkson & the Wilberforces. He wrote an expose of the misrepresentation combined with the preface to the "Correspondence of W.Wilberforce." He appreciates Richard Davis Webb's remarks on his letter but makes him "fear he must be more distinguished for warmth of feeling than accuracy of discrimination." He has not forgotten his caution when dealing with Mr. Scoble. He will learn from Scoble "how far the Brit. & For: Abolition Society join within violence of opposition." The most incorrigible of adversaries is Tajart. Shallowness is "I fear a general observation of the Unitarian body-Martineau and J.J. Tayler are splendid exceptions. He praises Martineau's sermons. / Henry Crabb Robinson writes to John Bishop Estlin on Oct[ober] 25, 1847 in regards to disagreeing with Estlin's suggestion concerning the Colonization Society. He will recollect his hint about Scoble whenever he sees him. He will not be in London when Frederick Douglass is there. Miss Parkes does not write grammatically well in French and although "Her book may be unexceptionable but it does not therefore follow that it will be readable & enjoyable by Frenchmen." He discusses his conversation with Scoble on the "B&F A.S. Society" and the French Anis des Novis. / Henry Crabb Robinson writes to John Bishop Estlin on Nov[ember] 7, 1847 in regards to sending him contributions to a French publication of [Frederick] Douglass's speech. He says there is no difference in opinion on the Colonization societies. He discusses religion and truth and poses the thought, "If Unitarianism be the real Christianity what a mortifying subject for reflection is the progress it has made at the end of of nearly 2000 years!!!" / Henry Crabb Robinson writes to John Bishop Estlin on Nov[ember] 30, 1847 in regards to discovering lost letters, one of which is by Richard Davis Webb who "is the excellent man you characterize-But his letter is not that of a logical understanding." Webb sent him a pamphlet by Wendell Philips inciting abolitionists to take office or vote.
Robinson, Henry Crabb, 1775-1867
Estlin, J. B. (John Bishop), 1785-1855
[ca. June 1847–November 30, 1847]
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Estlin, J. B. (John Bishop), 1785-1855
Phillips, Wendell, 1811-1884
Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879
Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895
Scoble, John, 1799-1877
Webb, Richard Davis, 1805-1872
Wilberforce, William, 1759-1833
Robinson, Henry Crabb, 1775-1867
United Kingdom
1 leaf (36 p.) ; 19 cm.
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