Weymouth Public Libraries, Tufts Library

Pamphlet Collection

The Pamphlet Collection contains pamphlets owned by various individuals and collected by Mary Fifield King or donated directly to the Library. Some of the owners of the pamphlets are featured in other collections owned by the Weymouth Public Libraries, namely the Fifield Family Collection and the Tufts-Smith-Adams Collection. The subjects of the pamphlets include temperance, women’s rights, anti-slavery efforts, and other political concerns. There also are numerous sermons by ministers, some of whom are likely to have spoken of the political issues of the day.
The digitized items here represent a portion of the whole collection. Additional digitized items will be made available in the future. The finding aid describes the collection in detail. It is available at the Tufts Library and online at the Weymouth Public Libraries website, www.weymouth.ma.us/weymouth-public-libraries.

Locations in this Collection: