Weymouth Public Libraries, Tufts Library

Fifield Music Collection

The Fifield Music Collection consists of sheet music and bound volumes of music. The sheet music, almost, all of which is stamped Fifield Collection, was either owned or collected by the Fifield family, in most cases by Emily A. Porter Fifield and her daughter Mary Fifield King. The sheet music includes popular dance and concert music as well as songs. Of particular interest are the abolitionist, political, and Civil War songs. The bound volume music includes church music as well as volumes of music for children, for adult singing schools or parties, for temperance meetings, and for cotillions.

These digitized items represent a portion of the whole collection. Additional digitized items will be made available in the future. The finding aid describes the collection in detail. It is available at the Tufts Library and online at the Weymouth Public Libraries website, www.weymouth.ma.us/weymouth-public-libraries.

Series in this Collection: