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Charles H. Woodbury (1864-1940). Prints, Drawings, Watercolors, Oil Paintings, and Copper Plates

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Charles Herbert Woodbury (1864-1940) was an American painter and printmaker. Born in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1886, Woodbury received a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT and then established a studio in Boston. Although known as a painter and a printmaker, Woodbury also was interested in art education and, in 1898, established a summer art school in Ogunquit, Maine. Woodbury died in Jamaica Plain in 1940.

In 1944, the executors of Woodbury's estate, Mrs. Charles Bruen Perkins and Mr. and Mrs. David O. Woodbury, the artist's son and daughter-in-law, donated a complete set of prints, including a number of trial proofs and etching plates, and also drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings. Included in the Boston Public Library's collection of works by Woodbury are 1,550 prints, 486 drawings, 86 watercolors, 51 oil paintings, and 38 copper plates. The prints and some related drawings have been digitized; there are plans to digitize the remaining drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings.

The Library wants to give special thanks to Warren Seamans and Joseph shealy for their work in identifying and describing the Woodbury prints in the Boston Public Library collection.

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