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After all birds have been investigated

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After all birds have been investigated
First Line:
The mind lives on the heart
That sacred closet when you sweep
Of Paul and Silas it is said
Who goes to dine must take his feast
A dew sufficed itself
The spider as an artist
Winter is good - his hoar delights
Let me not mar that perfect dream
The days that we can spare
Twas fighting for his life he was
Frigid and sweet her parting face
An honest tear
September's baccalaureate
How news must feel when travelling
The last of summer is delight
Safe despair it is that raves
The mushroom is the elf of plants
A bee his burnished carriage
Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886
Amherst College Archives & Special Collections
Box 2 Folder 16 (shelf locator)
Collection (local):
Emily Dickinson Collection
American poetry
Women poets, American
10 sheets (17 leaves)
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