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Film of barefooted man walking, from experiments performed by Dr. Peter V. Karpovich

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Film of barefooted man walking, from experiments performed by Dr. Peter V. Karpovich
A short film of an experiment conducted by Dr. Peter V. Karpovich, showing a man walking barefoot on a treadmill. The man is shown from the knee down and from two angles: one from behind and one from the side. The man is wearing an electrogoniometer, a device created by Dr. Peter Karpovich and George Karpovich, his son, to measure joint movements. For a time, when filmed from the side, the camera also moves back and forth with the stride of the foot. The short film ends with by showing Dr. Josephine Rathbone and an unidentified women sitting at a table talking. The film is a digital copy of the original 16mm black and white silent film. The original reel is undated, but many of the experiments conducted by Karpovich on walking took place after 1960.
Karpovich, Peter V.
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Karpovich, Peter V.
Rathbone, Josephine Langworthy, 1899-1989
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16mm; Black and White; 00:02:10
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Peter V. Karpovich (1896-1975) was born in Russia and trained as a medical doctor at the State Military Academy of Medicine in Petrograd (St. Petersburg), Russia in 1919. Under increasing political and professional turmoil, he fled to Latvia in 1922. In Latvia, Karpovich worked at the Riga YMCA. In 1925, he traveled to the United States to research at Springfield College. While there, he enrolled as a special advanced student and earned a master’s degree in physical education. In 1927, while completing his studies, he became a professor of physiology at the college. In the late 1940s, he met and married his second wife, Josephine Rathbone, an acclaimed scholar of physical education and relaxation. From 1961 to 1969, he served as the director of the physiology research laboratory at Springfield College, where he published several seminal books. Karpovich was a founding member of the American College of Sports Medicine and a consultant to many government, private and educational organizations. He remains an internationally recognized pioneer in physical education.Josephine Rathbone was a noted scholar of physical education, one of the founders of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and the wife of Dr. Peter Karpovich.
Film reel is in a Cine-Kodak Tri-X reversal Safety Film box. There is some writing on the box, including, "C2972", "Back Bay Lab.", "Vall(?) RE47946", and "Bay - RE-43164"; This file is shown at 30 frames for second;