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Pine Manor College

Pine Manor College
Pine Manor College was founded in 1911 by Helen Temple Cooke, originally as a post-secondary division of Dana Hall School for girls in Wellesley, Massachusetts. It was chartered in 1930 as an independent junior college and authorized in 1959 to confer Associate's degrees. The College moved to its present campus in 1965. Pine Manor has awarded Bachelor's degrees to women since 1977. Beginning in 2005, men and women could earn the Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. In September 2013, Pine Manor became fully Co-Educational.

Pine Manor College affirms our tradition that builds a powerful learning relationship for all students with the results that Pine Manor graduates are well prepared to compete successfully in the professional world. Current graduates embody the values of the College's past century: learning rooted in the liberal arts; self-awareness and self-knowledge; compassion, respect, and interest in all people; curiosity, resourcefulness, and kindness. We remain committed to the historic values developed and enriched by our first century of educating women as we expand our mission to transform the lives of men as well as women. The lessons of our history inform our response to current challenges and they shape our future.

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