Cambridge Public Library

Cambridge Public Library
Founded in 1858, the Cambridge Public Library serves as a doorway to opportunity, self-development and recreation for all its residents, and as a forum where they may share ideas, cultures and resources among themselves and with people around the globe. The free availability of information, the lively interaction of people, and the open exchange of ideas animate and extend the democratic mission of the library.

The library is a dynamic, community-oriented system providing excellent services, collections and programs to all members of the community. We are dedicated to affording the people of Cambridge resources for recreational reading, independent learning, and the introduction of children to the world of literacy and learning.
Historical collections are housed in the Cambridge Room, the Library's Archives and Special Collections. The Cambridge Room provides a range of services about all things Cambridge. Our rich collection of research materials includes books about Cambridge, city directories and reports, archival documents, maps, photographs, and the complete run of the Cambridge Chronicle.

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