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Edwin Hale Lincoln Collection

Aesculus hippocastanum
Detail from: Aesculus hippocastanum
Edwin Hale Lincoln (1848-1938) was an award winning photographer at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. He took his photographs with a box camera and developed his negatives using the platinum printing process, one of the most durable and beautiful processes available. He began his career shooting nautical and architectural images, but his true passion was flora in nature. Lincoln’s work was especially important to two early 20th-century movements--the Arts and Crafts movement to preserve wild flowers and wild gardens in America and the movement to include photography in the fine arts.

After his untimely death, Massachusetts Horticultural Society received Lincoln’s horticultural glass plate and film negative collection, a treasure of scientific and artistic importance. The images in the Edwin Hale Lincoln Collection document plants and landscapes at the turn of the last century. The collection includes images from his books “Wildflowers of New England,” “Orchids of the North Eastern United States,” and “Trees,” as well as many unpublished works.

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