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Elms College Presidents

Elms College Alumnae Library

Presented here are items that exhibit the history of the College of Our Lady of the Elms (Elms College) through the photos, memorabilia, correspondence, transcribed speeches, and miscellaneous documents of its ten presidents: Bishop Thomas O'Leary, First President: 1928-1949; Bishop Christopher J. Weldon, Second President: 1949-1958; Rose William Murphy, SSJ, Third President: 1958-1965; Monsignor Thomas F. Devine, Fourth President: 1965-1976; Edward D'Alessio, Fifth President: 1976-1979; Mary A. Dooley, SSJ, Sixth President: 1979-1994; Kathleen C. Keating, SSJ, Seventh President: 1994-2001; Joachim W. Froehlich, Eighth President: 2001-2003; James H. Mullen, Jr., Ninth President: 2005-2008; and Mary Reap, IHM, Ph.D., Tenth President, 2009-Present.

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