Northfield Mount Hermon

The Hermonite (1888-1969)

The Hermonite Collection contains copies of all issues of the newspaper of record for the Mount Hermon School. This paper was established by the Republican Club of Mount Hermon, under whose auspices it ran for its first three years. At that point, the club gave the paper over to the school, where it published news of both Mount Hermon and the Northfield Seminary. The Hermonite continued this pattern from the fall of 1890 through the spring of 1916, when the Seminary began to publish its own paper, The Northfield Star. The Hermonite began as a small broadsheet, publishing biweekly, but by the late 1890s had settled on a magazine format with heavy covers and monthly issue. This continued until 1925, when it shifted to a large broadsheet form, and weekly publication. In some years it appeared biweekly, depending on budget and the energies of the editorial staff. In the fall of 1969, it ceased publication, replaced by The Bridge. Similar in format, the new paper once again served the interests of the two schools.

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