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Edwin B. Worthen Collection

The Edwin B. Worthen Collection documents life in Lexington, Massachusetts from its earliest settlement through the mid-20th century. The materials were collected by Edwin B. Worthen (1879-1956), his son Edwin B. Worthen, Jr. (1913-1976), and his daughter-in-law, Anita P. Worthen (1913-2008), and donated to Cary Memorial Library in 1976.

The Worthens were avid collectors of, and enthusiastic participants in, all things Lexington. They lived during a period when the town was transformed from a relatively small community of 3,831 in 1900, to a vibrant suburb of 17,335 in 1950, peaking at over 31,000 in 1970. The Worthens had a particular interest in the settlement, growth and development of the town of Lexington, and this interest is reflected in the materials they collected.

The Worthen Collection has been organized into six smaller "exhibits":

- Lantern slides
- Maps
- Photographs
- Documents
- Objects
- Newspapers

These "exhibits" can be browsed or searched online at

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