Wilbraham Public Library

Stella Greene Farr Collection

The Stella Greene Farr collection was donated to the Wilbraham Public Library by Cynthia Brown in 2009. The photographs were discovered in a desk drawer and trunk in the attic of the Farr farm in Granby, Massachusetts in the 1970s. Many of the items were loose; some were inserted into a leather-bound album and were removed from that album for preservation.

Stella Greene was born in Wilbraham on December 2, 1879 and married Charles Howard Farr on October 21, 1908. These photographs are primarily of the Greene-Farr family or neighbors, but in some cases the relationships between the subjects and the family are unknown. Both Greene and Farr family members continued to live in Wilbraham, so some of the photographs in the collection are from as late as the 1950s. Only those we identified as public domain have been included for digitization.

Locations in this Collection: