Thomas Crane Public Library

Fore River Shipyard Postcard Collection

The Fore River Shipyard Postcard Collection, donated by Wayne G. Miller, is comprised of over 270 postcards dating from 1896 to 1980. The postcards are related to the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts and depict Quincy-built battleships, schooners, freighters, destroyers, submarines, and numerous other vessels, many of which were commissioned by the United States Navy. The collection also contains postcards that portray a variety of scenes from the Shipyard, such as the machine shop, building slips, and outfitting pier. Select postcards have handwritten messages from passengers and sailors on board. Other topics represented on the postcards include the Fore River Bridge, the Fore River Railroad, christening of the vessels, scenes of workers and crew members, and the "Great White Fleet."

Locations in this Collection: