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William Dolliver: Gloucester Cemetery Inscriptions to 1899

Between 1895 and 1899, William Dolliver collected and transcribed all of the tombstone inscriptions he could then find in both Gloucester and Rockport. In 2019, the Cemeteries Advisory Committee of Gloucester produced a digitized, searchable version of these inscriptions.

Volume I includes First Parish Burial Ground (Old Bridge Street Yard). Volume II includes Second Parish (Thompson Street) Bay View (Annisquam Yard near Bradstreet School), Cove Hill (Annisquam Yard near Harvey’s Stables/Lanes Cove), Prospect Street (Unitarian Church Yard/High Street), and Universal Church Yard (Church Street Yard). Volume III includes present day Rockport cemeteries, Locust Grove (Folly Cove), and Old Parish Burying Ground (Rockport).

The City-Owned Cemeteries Advisory Committee for the City of Gloucester has a website with more information about the William Dolliver Cemetery Inscriptions:

The complete Dolliver files are also available at These include the original Dolliver hand-written pages, newly scanned, and the transcriptions of the files interleaved with these pages. Here are the links for each volume:

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III


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