Milford Town Library

Paul E. Curran Historical Collection

The Town of Milford established the library on August 30, 1858. It existed in various locations between 1858 and 1886, when it moved into the Memorial Hall building. The library remained in this Civil War memorial building for one hundred years. A new facility was authorized by a vote of the Town Meeting on June 13, 1983. The new Milford Town Library building opened its doors to the public on January 13, 1986 and was renovated in 2006. The Milford Town Library serves the educational, cultural, civic, and recreational needs of Milfordians of all ages. The Paul E. Curran Historical Collection is a repository of photographs of Milford residents, buildings, and industries. It was collected by author, historian, and Trustee Emeritus Paul E. Curran (1929-2015).

Locations in this Collection: