South Hadley Public Library

Scott Family Photographs

Achsah Maria Dimmock (1830-1900) and Hugh Montgomery Scott (1852-1895) of Connecticut married in 1848. During their marriage the couple had eight children: Charles Dimmock, Earl Montgomery, Lilian Marie, Frank Orville, Addie Parsons, Kate Sawyer, Arthur Livingston, and Ray Palmer. After the death of Hugh Montgomery’s parents in 1857, they moved to Massachusetts and settled in South Hadley Falls. Hugh Montgomery worked in the paper industry and eventually had his own factory. Achsah Maria Dimmock and Hugh Montgomery lived in South Hadley for the remainder of their lives with their children and grandchildren nearby. This collection includes photographs of Hugh Montgomery, Achsah Maria Dimmock, their children, and grandchildren. There are also photographs depicting scenes of South Hadley Falls, the Connecticut River, the Holyoke Dam, Mount Holyoke College, and the surrounding area in the late 1800s.

Locations in this Collection: