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Lawrence, Mass. Lithograph

Lawrence Public Library

This lithograph entitled "View of the City of Lawrence" was executed by Ed. Hoffman and published by S. W. Chandler & Bro. lithographers for A. J. Wondra. It has been dated at 1854, the year just after incorporation as a city, due to the population figures listed on the lithograph. This is the first panoramic view of the City of Lawrence, possibly commissioned by Samuel Lawrence.

The lithograph shows an idealized image of Lawrence as a planned city: grand stone mill buildings (including the ill-fated Pemberton Mill); the brick City Hall and Mechanics Block; and the Lawrence Common with the spires of several early churches edging it. The view is taken from Prospect Hill and a bucolic scene of dense vegetation and a grazing cow compliment the growing city. The names of churches and important buildings are listed as well as the population of the city.

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