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Lawrence, Mass. United States Post Office

Lawrence Public Library

The first United States Post office in Lawrence, Mass. was established Sept. 7, 1846. The location was on Turnpike St. (now Broadway) at the intersection with Common Street. Lawrence was then Merrimack and the first Postmaster was George A. Waldo of Methuen. A year later, the post office moved to the corner of Amesbury and Common Streets and only a few months later to the first Bay State Building to Nathaniel Wilson’s Drug Store. In 1855, the offices moved to Appleton Street; then, in 1869, to the Schaake block across the street; then, March 31, 1905, into the first building built for use as a post office at the corner of Broadway and Essex Streets. It was a two-story, white, marble building and housed 225 employees. The building came down during urban renewal.

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