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The church book belonging to the second church in Chelmsford, anno 1727

Willard Hall's town church record book. The content of the logbook dates to 1727 when Westford was still West Chelmsford. Rev. Willard Hall was the first minister of the Second Church of Chelmsford. Westford was incorporated in 1729 and the church's name was changed to fit the new community. Hall served as the minister and record keeper from 1727 to 1775 when he was dismissed for identifying as a Tory, keeping his allegiance to the British crown. The book records births, deaths, weddings, and baptisms. There are eighteen signatories.

The current owner of the book is First Parish Church United, Westford, MA. It is stored in the church vault. The Westford Museum and J.V. Fletcher Library have digitized copies of the book. Providing access through Digital Commonwealth will open the book's content to researchers worldwide.

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