National Archives at Boston

Tallulah Morgan v. James W. Hennigan Case File

This series consists of the civil action case file (72-911-G) of Tallulah Morgan et al. v. James W. Hennigan et al., a class action lawsuit brought in 1972 by the parents of African American children alleging that the Boston School Committee violated the 14th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution by a deliberate policy of racial segregation in the Boston Public Schools. Included are the complaint, motions, briefs, transcripts of hearings, Boston School Committee meeting transcripts, enrollment records, memorandums, letters and other correspondence, judgments, affidavits, depositions, interrogatories, and other records. Records are arranged by document number assigned by the court.

The Morgan v. Hennigan case file is held by the National Archives and Records Administration at its Boston/Waltham facility (NARA ID: 99293814). The collection was digitized by Harvard University and subsequently deposited into their online repository as part of their digital collections. This process was initiated by and overseen by Digital Commonwealth and the Boston Public Library in coordination with NARA.