Digital Commonwealth

John and Anthony Martin Photograph Collection

Jones Library, Amherst

John Martin moved to Amherst in 1967 and began teaching at the University of Massachusetts. He is an environmental designer, professionally registered in architecture and landscape architecture. His interests extend to photography, art, and environmental history, all of which he taught at the University. He has been associated with various organizations in Amherst including the Historic Commission, the Planning Board, and the Emily Dickinson Museum. Anthony Martin (John's son, born in 1969) is a photographer and a teacher. He took up photography as a teenager after having watched his father take architectural photos of buildings and gardens. While his father often focused on the larger context of people interacting in social spaces, Anthony preferred to explore formal aspects of shape, pattern, and contrasts of light and dark. This collection consists of over 200 photographs, taken in the 1980s, of buildings, architectural details, landscapes, and community events in Amherst. Most of the photos taken by Anthony were taken at a time when he was enrolled in photography courses at Amherst Regional High School. The images reflect his attempt to reconcile conventional ways of seeing with those of the avant-garde and surreal. The images captured by John reflect his interest in documenting landscape, architectural design, and community events. Many of the photographs were used in an exhibit related to the culture of Amherst which was sponsored by the Historic Commission in the 1980’s.

Locations in this Collection: