Jones Library, Amherst

Edgar Scott Postcard Collection

Edgar Scott (1857-1940) was a photographer and printer in the Amherst and Northampton areas. He was born on Martha’s Vineyard and, as an Amherst resident, worked in a local hat factory. He took up photography in retirement and was an originator of the picture postcard. He specialized in photographic views of architecture and social events around the Amherst area around the turn of the century. The bulk of the images are from about 1897 to approximately 1924. Many of his postcards have color applied to them. Beyond the images digitized here, the collection at the Scott Collection at the Jones library includes 157 5 x 7 in. glass plate negatives; 44 5x7 in. nitrate negatives; over 200 prints; c.350 picture postcards (no negatives for postcards).

Locations in this Collection: