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Deed, Cotton and Nancy Morton to Israel Morton, 1834
Deed, Daniel Russell, w/consent of mother Mary, to Samuel Bobman, Hatfield, 25 July 1720
Deed, David and Silas Billings to Perez Morton, 1802
Deed, Ebenezer Billing of Sunderland to Samuel Billing, 1723
Deed, Ebenezer Billing, Sunderland, to Richard Church, Hatfield, for land in Hatfield, 25 March 1732/3
Deed, Ebenezer Blekeman/Blaekman, Strattford [sic], Conn., to Richard Church, Hatfield, 20 April, 1706
Deed, Ebenezer Dickinson of Litchfield, Connecticutt, to Samuel Partridge, 1765
Deed, Ebenezer Hunt, John Hunt, and Josiah Pomeroy, a committee of the town of Hatfield, to Timothy Cowls, 1761
Deed, Edward Church to his son, Richard Church, Hatfield, Jan. 3, 1703
Deed, Elijah Coleman to Samuel Partridge, 1763
Deed, Elijah Morton to Samuel Partridge, 1791
Deed, Elijah Morton to William Morton, 1789
Deed, Elijah Morton to William Morton, 1805
Deed, Elijah Paine to Samuel Partridge, 1773
Deed, Elisha Belding to Elijah Morton, 1765
Deed, Elisha Smith to Samuel Partridge, March 4, 1775
Deed, Elisha Wait to Samuel Partridge, 1790
Deed, Elnathan [sic] Graves to Samuel Church, both of Hatfield, Oct. 31, 1765
Deed, Ezra Strong, Williamsburg, to David Billings, Hatfield, for land in Williamsburg, 18 April 1776
Deed, Francis Barnard, Hadley, to John Graves, Hatfield, August 1692