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Agreement to build a gristmill
Amherst tax records, 1754
Amherst tax records, 1760
Amherst tax records, 1770
Amherst tax records, 1780
Amherst tax records, 1790
Appeal to Amherst women for funds
Bill of sale (handwritten); sale of Cow, Loom, and Tobacco by Moses Bissell [?] to William Morton, no date
Bond, Perez Morton to Timothy Dutton of Northfield, 1796
Bowen family papers
Call for town meeting; agenda (provide firewood for Rev. Lyman), 1784. Signed by Elijah Morton, Jonathan Ellis, Seth Murray, John Hastings
Canada Wait gravestone rubbing
Deed, Aaron Dickinson to David Billings, both of Hatfield, 24 March 1794
Deed, Amos Davis Jr. of Westmoreland, NH, to Jonathan Morton, 1776 (?)
Deed, Asa White to Daniel Dickinson, 1781
Deed, Azariah Selden to Samuel Partridge, 1764
Deed, Benjamin Wells to Timothy Cowls Jr., 1771
Deed, David Moody of Berkshire County to Samuel Partridge, 1762
Deed, Ebenezer Dickinson of Litchfield, Connecticutt, to Samuel Partridge, 1765