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County Court, Inferior Court of Common Pleas, and Court of General Sessions of the Peace, Vol. 01
County rate paid to Samuel Partridge and Richard Norton, signed by John Pynchon, 1693
Deed, Francis Barnard, Hadley, to John Graves, Hatfield, August 1692
Deed, John Gillis to Samuel Billing, 1697
Deed, Joseph Billings to Zachariah Billings, no date, first page only
Deed, Samuel and Richard Church, Hadley, to Edward Church, Hatfield, 27 March, 1694
Deed, Thomas Makins and wife Elizabeth to John Cowles, March 8, 1677
Deed, William Marcum and wife Elisabeth, Hadley, to Edward Church, Oct. 4, 1671, signed by John Pynchon
Deed, William Picksley of Northampton (sometimes of Hadley) to John Smith, 18 February 1668
Deed, William Webster, Hadley, to Edward Church, sometime of Hadley now of Hatfield, 30 March 1672
Early land deed (difficult to read), 1669
Inventory of the estate of Samuel Billings, March 27, 1677
Last will and testament of Richard Billing, March 21, 1684
Letter to Sam Belling from John Pynchon in Springfield, Oct. 22, 1691
Letter to Sam Billing from John Pynchon in Springfield, Oct. 19, 1691
Note to Constable of Hatfield from John Pynchon, Hadley, May 2, 1694
Pay to Richard Billing out of county rate, by Constable Samuel Billing, 1694