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2006 Ikea, 2930 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, New York
Advertising poster for Paine's Piazza Furniture, Paine Furniture Company, Boston, Mass., ca. 1935
Album 31: James Atkins Noyes Residence, 71 Sparks Street, Cambridge, Mass
Album of photographs, Grosfeld House, 320 East 47th Street, New York, New York
American Home blue print pattern #2010, dry sink, Dorothy Lambert Trumm, American Home Publishing Company, New York, New York
Amy Batchelder, 4 years
Andrew Morton (1770-1854)
Antique reproductions, Winthrop Furniture Company, 424 Park Square, Building, Boston, Mass.
Art of making old things new, Transformagic by Du Pont, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co., Inc., Wilmington, Delaware
Arthur Little and Herbert W.C. Browne architectural collection
Arvin Metal Outdoor Furniture, Arvin Industries, Inc., Columbus, Indiana
Beacon Hill Collection, inspired by the early designers & craftsmen of the eighteenth century who created & made furniture of lasting beauty in keeping with the graceful living of the times, 6th ed., Kaplan Furniture Company, 91 Albany Street, Cambridge, Mass.
Bedroom book, by Isabel Gordon Curtis, Cincinnati, The Stearns & Foster Company
Better way in good furniture, Charles B. Wingate, Inc., 117 Causeway Street, Boston, Mass.