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111 Broadway; 2:40 P.M
383 Broadway; South Boston, 10:45 A.M.
453 Broadway; 2:00 P.M
457 Broadway; 2:13 P.M
The "7 foot crack" traced in chalk;
Across Dorchester Bay from Commercial Point
Air slits AA and smoke flues BB.
Ash pan cover and door frame from rear of stack, i.e. front of furnace
Ash pan set and one flue partly covered
Ash pan set at Fire No. 1, bed partly prepared at No. 2
Ashpan and connections
At rail 1 and 30 feet from centre of mound, looking toward rail 11
Auxiliary collecting tank for tar, from south end
Auxiliary collecting tanks for tar;
Auxiliary tanks for ammoniacal liquor
Backing up
Barque Warwick Creek
Barque Warwick Creek
Beginning walls of brick porch;