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1968 legislative docket
1968 legislative docket.
1978 Campaign for Human Development general funding information.
Abstract for the Metropolitan Planning Project.
An act providing for the establishment of voluntary metropolitan educational programs.
An act to eliminate or reduce racial imbalance in the public schools of the commonwealth.
Action for Senate bill 110 (S110).
Additional statement on the proposed Boston school stayout.
Ad-Hoc committee meeting 8/21/73.
Adjusted salary information of Citywide Educational Coalition.
Administrative positions filled on an acting basis, November 21, 1975.
Administrator interview questions.
Administrator questionnaire.
Advisory committee by-laws.
After integration what?
Agency overview.
Agenda - Citywide Educational Coalition.
Agenda for restructuring committee.
Agenda, meeting on parent involvement.
Alice K. Pollitzer Award acceptance speech.
Alternative timetable for self evaluation task force.
Anonymous parent survey response.
Application and proposal for development of bilingual/bicultural curriculum.
An application for a two year grant from the Carnegie Corporation.
Application for voluntary student transfer 1975 - 1976.
The assignment process
Attention to the East Boston parents of District VIII schools.
Attorneys in the Morgan case.
Background CWEC and integration.
Background information.
Background material
A beginning checklist for assessing school budgets in desegregating school districts.
Behind and beyond the Boston school crisis
Bills scheduled to be heard before the committee on education the week of January 27, 1969.
Biographical data Noel A. Day.
Bi-weekly report
Bi-weekly report
Bi-weekly report
Bi-weekly report
Black community response to desegregation plan.
Black Educators' Alliance of Massachusetts, November 28, 1972.
The Black Scholar
The Black United Front.
Bleckley/Gugger compromise busing for Boston.
Boston City Council approval of 1980 School Department budget.
Boston Community Schools Board.
Boston Community Schools information packet.
Boston magnet schools
The Boston Metropolitan Planning Project.
Boston parent and community involvement in desegregation.
Boston Public Schools magnet school district.
Boston Public Schools schools assignment task force simulation, plan B.
The Boston school busing order-What does it mean?
Boston School Committee.
Boston School Committee agenda, February 26 - 27, 1988.
Boston School Committee alternative plan critique.
The Boston School Decision
Boston school desegregation
Boston theologians support school stayout.
Breakdown of East Boston - District 8.
Brief history of council structure.
A brief history of the Black Educators' Alliance of Massachusetts.
"Busing: The point at issue"
By-laws, Boston metropolitan planning project.
Bylaws for the Citywide Parents' Advisory Council.
By-laws of Citywide Parents' Advisory Council, Inc.
Call - Conference to oppose the Klan.
Cambridge Community Film Project film proposal.
The campaign to support public education
"Can anything good come out of Boston?"
Career exploratory project.
Career exploratory project.
C.C.C. extended day kindergarten program.
CDAC District VIII new community members.
CDAC guidelines.
C.D.A.C. I mail log - correspondence rece.
C.D.A.C. I parents house meeting - results.
C.D.A.C. I parents house meeting forms.
C.D.A.C. I questionnaire.
C.D.A.C. I questionnaire, Farragut Elementary.
CDAC I/Brighton High task force statement.
C.D.A.C. representatives 1979/80.
CDAC VII critique, requests, and recommendations on draft budget.
Center for Public Representation questionnaire.
Central organization of Boston Public Schools, 1975-1976.
Certificate of service.
Changing Boston's schools
Changing schools...the first year.
Changing your child's school assignment.
Changing your child's school assignment.
Chapter 636 an analysis
Chapter 636 grant for parent surveys.
Chapter 636 proposal
Chapter 636 proposal.
Chapter 636 Proposal.
Chart outlining Black school administrators in each school district.