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Boat wrecks
Boat wrecks
Bow of Nantasket after ramming schooner Isabelle Parker off Gallops Island in Boston Harbor
Brave Manomet life savers off to do their duty. 3 of 8 did not return.
Brave Manomet off to do their stuff. 3 of 8 died doing their duty for Uncle Sam.
British steamer Competitor high and dry near Naucet, Chatham, Cape Cod
British Steamer Competitor runs aground near Naucet Beach, Chatham, Cape Cod
Burned steamer at T-wharf
Capsized ship - Normandie (Fr.) North River pier 88 (?), New York
CG Cutter rams Prince George
CG-171 fast aground on Deer Island bar, Boston Harbor
City of Rockland accident. Tug 'Mercury.'
City of Rockland floats with stove-in bow
City of Rockland listing after collision
City of Rockland sinks at her pier in East Boston
City of Rockland under repair after collision
"City of Salisbury" guided by tugs (airplane view)
City of Salisbury listing off Graves light - zoo ship on rocks