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Incomplete letter from Anne Warren Weston, 39 Summer Street, [Boston], to Caroline Weston and Deborah Weston, [1845?]

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Holograph. The last page/s of the letter is missing.
Anne Warren Weston reports "a most violent battle between [Richard] Hildreth & Wendell [Phillips] on Third Party." She mentions various visitors, especially a Daniel, who presented books to different member of the family. Anne attended a dull meeting at which John Pierpont "made a perfect fool of himself trying to defend Mr. [Ezra S.] Gannett." In the evening, the State House was thronged when Garrison and Wendell Phillips spoke. A Board meeting was also attended by agents. Garrison was anxious to secure the election of John Parker Hale in New Hampshire. Charles L. Remond and F. Douglass are going to England. Anne comments on the "most enthusiastic friendship between Mrs. Maria W. Chapman and Mrs. Eliza Lee (Cabot) Follen. Theodore Parker preached at the Temple, James F. Clarke's church, which was so full that "multitudes had to go away." She describes a gathering at the house of Dr. (Henry I.) Bowditch. Margaret Fuller is taking care of Horace Greeley's house and writing for the Tribune at $500 a year; "her articles in the Tribune are very good." Anne called on Mrs. Wendell Phillips and on Mrs. Garrison, who has a nice baby. Dr. Bowditch made ineffectual attempts to have W. Phillips sent as a delegate to the Anti-Texas Convention.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.16, no.13