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Heures a lusage de Rome

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Heures a lusage de Rome
Title (alt.) :
Heures a l'usage de Rome
Benedictio dei patris cum angelis suis sit super me amen
Title (uniform):
Book of hours
Former owner:
Rat, Blanche, active 15th century-16th century
Catholic Church
Former owner:
A. Rosenthal Ltd.
Attributed name:
Bocard, André, active 1491-1531
Bocard, André, active 1491-1531
Attributed name:
Verard, Antoine, -approximately 1513
Verard, Antoine, -approximately 1513
[January 20, 1500–1501]
Metal cuts
Books of hours
Inscriptions (Provenance)
Vellum printings (Printing)
Boston Public Library
Rare Books Department
Collection (local):
Incunabula (Collection of Distinction)
FranceIle-de-France (region)Paris
[136] leaves : ill. ; 17 cm (8vo)
Terms of Use:
No known copyright restrictions.
No known restrictions on use.
[Paris] : [André Bocard or Antoine Vérard]
Notes (ownership):
PROVENANCE: Boston Public Library (Rare Books Department) copy Q.405.107 with early/contemporary inscription on verso of final leaf: "Ces presentes heures appartienent a dame Blanche rat. fame de sire Jehan pichonat, Marchant demorent en la ruee saint denis a lenseigne de saint nicolas pres saint Innocent a Paris." Early inscription in lower left margin of title page erased. This copy described in the catalog of the Didot library. Purchased from Rosenthal in March, 1939.
Notes (date):
[20 January 1500/01]
Notes (citation):
Catalogue raisonné des livres de la bibliothèque de M. Ambroise Firmin Didot, 804
Incunabula short title catalogue, ih00411620
Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, 13106
Goff, F.R. Incunabula in American libraries, H403
Title and date from colophon (D8 recto): Ces presentes heures a lusage de Rōme sutent acheuees la. xx. iour Ianuier, Lan.M.CCCCC.
Description based on BPL copy, which lacks gathering [rum].
Printers' names from ISTC ih00411620, which assigns to Bocard only, and ih00411600, a closely related edition assigned variously to Bocard or Vérard. Harazsti (More Books/BPL quarterly, June 1939, p. 235; Nov. 1942, p. 415) and the Didot catalog both assign this edition to Vérard.
Almanac runs from 1497 to 1520.
First lines of text on Aa1 recto: Benedictio dei patris cu[m] angelis suis sit super me ame[n]
Notes (object):
Collation: 8vo: Aa⁸ Bb¹⁰ a-h⁸ i¹⁰ [rum]¹² A-D⁸ [$2 (-Aa1, +Bb4, Bb5, i5) signed]; 136 leaves, unnumbered. Signature on the first leaf of gatherings a-i preceded by a lowercase "p". In gathering f, the lowercase "p" is on both signed leaves.
Printed on vellum; main body text within metalcut borders; Bb5 recto: 22 lines, 110 x 59 mm; types: 100G, 97G (main body text), 84G, 55G; 16 large illustrations (metalcut and woodcut); 24 small vignettes (metalcut and woodcut) within the text of the Litany.
Half- and full-page illustrations: Grail (Aa1) -- Bloodletting man (Aa2) -- John in a vat of boiling oil (Aa8 verso) -- Betrayal in the Garden (Bb4 verso) -- Tree of Jesse (Bb10 verso) -- Visitation (b5) -- Nativity (c3) -- Annunciation to the Shepherds (c6 verso) -- Adoration of the Magi (d1) -- Flight into Egypt (d6) -- Death of the Virgin (e2) -- David and Bathsheba (e5 verso) -- Rich man and Lazarus (g1 verso) -- Crucifixion ([rum]1) -- Trinity in majesty (A1) -- Mass of Saint Gregory (C7 verso)
COPY NOTE: Boston Public Library (Rare Books Department) copy Q.405.107 imperfect: wanting gathering [rum]. Ruled in red throughout, with initials gilt over red and blue grounds. Leaf dimensions: 167 x 107 mm.
BINDING: Boston Public Library (Rare Books Department) copy Q.405.107 bound in ca. 17th-century calfskin, with gilt monogram "I.M." in a cartouche on both covers. Housed in a blue cloth case.
Table of Contents:
Contents: “Benedictio dei patris cu[m] angelis suis sit super me ame[n]” (Aa1)
Almanac (Aa1 verso)
Bloodletting man (Aa2)
Calendar (Aa2 verso-Aa8)
Gospel readings (Aa8 verso-Bb10)
Matins, Hours of the Virgin (a1-a5 verso)
Lauds, Hours of the Virgin (b5-c2 verso)
Prime, Hours of the Virgin (c3-c6)
Terce, Hours of the Virgin (c6 verso-c8 verso)
Sext, Hours of the Virgin (d1-d3)
Nones, Hours of the Virgin (d3 verso-d5 verso)
Vespers, Hours of the Virgin (d6-e1 verso)
Compline, Hours of the Virgin (e2 verso-e5)
Seven Penitential Psalms (e6 verso-f3 verso)
Litany (f3 verso-g1)
Office of the Dead (g1-i10 verso)
Suffrages ([rum]1-[rum]12)
"De sanctissima trintate." Incipit: "Te invocamus, te adoramus, te laudamus ..." (A1-A3)
"De facie domini." Incipit: "Salve sancta facies nostri redemtoris ..." (A3-A3 verso)
"Oratio devota virgine[m] maria[m]." Incipit: "Obsecro te domina sancta maria mater ..." (A4-A6 recto)
"Alia oratio ad beatam virginem Mariam." Incipit: "O Intemerata et ineternum ..." (A6-A8 recto)
“Devota co[n]te[m]platio b[ea]te marie virginis juxta cruce[m] filii sui lachryma[n]tis ad co[m]passionem salvatoris singulos invitantis.” Incipit: "Stabat Mater ..." (A8 verso-B1 verso)
Suffrages, each accompanied by 7-line metalcut or woodcut vignettes (B1: Michael; B2: John the Baptist; B2 verso: John the Evangelist; B2 verso: Peter and Paul; B3: James; B4: Stephen; B4: Laurence; B4 verso: Christopher; B5 verso: Sebastian; B6 verso: Nicholas; B7 verso: Claudius; B7 verso: Anthony; B8: Julian; B8 verso: Anna; B8 verso: Mary Magdalene; C1: Katharine; C1 verso: Margaret; C2: Barbara; C2 verso: Apollonia)
Prayers in Latin (some with French headings) and prayers in French, including prayers for the King, the Seven Prayers of Saint Gregory, “Oraison tresdevote a die le pere” (in French), etc. (C3-D8)
Call #:
RARE BKS Q.405.107