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Letter from Mrs. Mary Welsh, Montpelier, Edin[bu]r[gh], [Scotland], to Maria Weston Chapman, Nov'r 17th, 1846

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Holograph, signed.
The Glasgow Female Anti-Slavery Society has sent a box to Maria Weston Chapman's bazaar. Mrs. Mary Welsh explains about its contents, prices, etc. Mary Welsh says: "We have a great battle to fight here now." She complains of the clergy. She refers to hostile reports against Henry C. Wright and Frederick Douglass, as well as William Lloyd Garrison, George Thompson, etc. Many have been aggrieved by Anna Richardson's collecting of money to buy Frederick Douglass's freedom, holding it to be a compromise of principles. A ladies society, recently formed in Ulster, Ireland, advertised its willingness to take contributions for both "your society" and the Liberty Party. Mary Welsh objects to this. Even though Mary Welsh now lives in Edinburgh, she keeps her membership in the Glasgow Society.
Accompanied by an evelope with the delivery address Mrs. Maria W. Chapman, Boston, United States. It is postmarked Edinburgh, Nov. 17, 1846.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.22, p.130