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Letter from Emma Michell, Bristol, [England], to Maria Weston Chapman, Sept. 30th, 1851

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Holograph, signed with initials.
This letter is signed with the initials E.M., presumably for Emma Michell. Emma Michell expresses her love and devotion to Maria Weston Chapman. Mary Anne Estlin had drawn up two resolutions: "one to sever the tie between the Bristol and British A.S. Society" and the other "a vote of thanks and sympathy with you and your sisters." If the resolutions are passed, Mary hopes to get them into the Bristol Examiner when a letter from Mr. Estlin will appear in reply to Mr. Charlton. Mrs. Emma Michell deplores that Mr. Williamson has nothing more to do with the Examiner. Mr. (John Angell?) James has heard the resolutions and the letter to Mr. Charlton, and "he and Mr. Estlin worked themselves up into something not resembling a Christian frame of mind." The box is finished and has been pronounced perfect. Mrs. Emma Michell has seen the things collected for Frederick Douglass by Miss Browne, who "clings to her old love spite the enlightenment she has had." A "cry of mourning" has gone forth since Maria W. Chapman's departure. Mrs. (F. N.) Tribe "cannot speak of you all without tears in her eyes." Emma Michell is going for a fortnight to her brother, T.W. Bagehot. Her nephew Walter would be gratified by introductions to Maria W. Chapman's literary friends (in Paris). Emma Michell refers to "poor Emma [Weston], she is plunged into the slough of despond for some weeks to come."
Included is an envelope with the delivery address: Mrs. Chapman, Mad'm Lecomte's, 17 rue de Clichy, Paris.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.25, p.122