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Incomplete letter from Mary Anne Estlin, Park St[reet], [Bristol, England], to Anne Warren Weston, Nov. 15, 1850

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Holograph, signed.
Mary Anne Estlin may have written this letter to Anne Warren Weston. The end of the letter is missing.
Mary A. Estlin says that she and her father, John Bishop Estlin, have been in the country for his health. She says that her zeal for the anti-slavery cause can be partly attributed to her fondness for the addressee and her associates. She was glad to hear from Mrs. Massie that the Perth abolitionists sent contributions to the Boston bazaar. Mrs. Massie sent Mary A. Estlin a letter from Miss Margaret Grant, which Mary A. Estlin quotes. Miss Grant referred to William Lloyd Garrison's religious opinions. She reports a conversation between Mrs. Massie and John Scoble. The English Unitarian clergy hold themselves aloof from the anti-slavery cause. Mary A. Estlin refers briefly to George Thompson's visit to America. Mary A. Estlin will watch for any notice of the Weymouth Anti-Slavery Fair. Mary A. Estlin tells about her travels in Europe with the Westons.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.25, p.44