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Partial letter from Joseph Ricketson, [New Bedford, Mass.?], to Caroline Weston, [Feb. 9, 1848]

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Holograph, signed.
The beginning part of this letter is missing, including the salutation. Joseph Ricketson most likely wrote this letter to Caroline Weston.
Joseph Ricketson received a letter from Frances Jackson saying that the Anti-Slavery Society treasury is empty and they cannot give anything for the present time. Joseph Ricketson says: "Do you not admire the stand which [John Gorham] Palfrey has taken---and especially his speech---of course he differs from the no voting party or Disunionist, but he is honest upright and independent." Mr John Weiss, the minister, likes Frederick Douglass exceedingly and subscribes to his paper. Joseph Ricketson comments about John Weiss: "Just think of it---A Rev. (no I won't call him Rev., for he told me he did not like to be called such) going to Anti-Slavery meetings and subscribing for an Anti Slavery Paper, on the Sabbath." Joseph Ricketson tells of the reactions of the orthodox since the Anti-Sabbath Circular appeared. On a Saturday night, Joseph Ricketson and Mr. Weiss attended a concert, which the orthodox tried to prevent. He praises Mr. Weiss. The Lecture Association has flourished. The Rev. George Ware Briggs of Plymouth "came out boldly against slavery War and even human Governments."
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Ms.A.9.2 v.24, p.5