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Letter from Mary Anne Estlin, Durdham Down, Bristol, [England], to Maria Weston Chapman, Oct. 20, 1859

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Holograph, signed.
Referring to the expected visit of Frederick Douglass, Mary Anne Estlin remarks: "I doubt not he will succeed in promoting his own interests, ...Mr. [Samuel Joseph] May has warned people wherever he has gone to beware of F. Douglass if he says a word about 'infidels,' or shows the least want of reverence for Mr. Garrison; ..." She elaborates on Douglass's prospects. She praises Samuel J. May---"so loving & lovable"---but imagines that his charity might in some cases "do mischief." Mary A. Estlin has had "too Bostonian an A.S. education not to discover points where he fails to discern a difference, ..." Mary A. Estlin refers to the collection for the [anti-slavery] anniversary. "Miss Remond's lectures bought 10 [pounds] for that object." Miss Remond has begun a course of study at the Ladies' College through the kindness of Mrs. [Elizabeth J.] Reid and "has won many to the love of the cause thro' her personal influence & her public advocacy."
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Ms.A.9.2 v.29, p.73