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Letter from Mary Anne Estlin, Bristol, [England], to Anne Warren Weston, Oct. 11, 1851

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Holograph, signed.
Mary Anne Estlin wrote: "At present we must go on with the war of extermination against New Organization." It is difficult to make the English, especially Quakers, understand "that it is not the most enlarged kind of Antislavery to help & cooperate with 'all parties.'" She refers to "such crafty antagonists" as Mr. Charleton and Joseph Sturge. Mrs. Chapman thinks that, although the conflict with the followers of Joseph Sturge may be long, "the Lord has delivered them into our hands." Mary A. Estlin takes pride in Miss Tribe as a pupil because, having derived her ideas of American anti-slavery from Captain Charles Stuart, she formerly imbibed "the holy horror of Mr. Garrison." She thinks of suggesting to Emma Weston that she spend the winter with the Estlins for the benefit of the cause. Mary A. Estlin is thankful that the condition of Anne Warren Weston's brother has improved. She describes the impression made on the English dissenters by Mary Anne Estlin's poem, "Comeouters." She sends one of Miss Isabel Jennings effusions. Mary A. Estlin said: "We have found it best hitherto to let F. Douglass's admirers alone till they discover their delusion."
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Ms.A.9.2 v.25, p.126