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Letter from Isabel Jennings, [Cork, Ireland], to Anne Warren Weston, November [1850]

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Holograph, signed.
Isabel Jennings regrets that the box sent from Cork is small, but they are "poor people compared to England's inhabitants." They have enclosed in the box a small parcel for Frederick Douglass. They feel that Douglass, as an editor, should be supported and that he deserves more than he got from them. Nevertheless, they are sending their best things to Boston, where they will sell best. Isabel Jennings refers to extracts that were published in the [National] Anti-Slavery Standard, "which the orthodox could not admire." Isabel Jennings says, in reference to Henry C. Wright's letter on Frederica Bremer, that "Henry cannot be moderate." Isabel Jennings discourses on the status of kind slaveholders. Jennings's aunts were struck with the beauty of Mrs. Chapman and one of her daughters.
Includes an envelope with the delivery address: Miss A.W. Weston, 25 Cornhill, Boston, United States of America.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.25, p.36