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Letter from Abby Kelley Foster, Seneca Falls, [NY], to Maria Weston Chapman, Aug. 28, 1843

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Holograph, signed.
Abby Kelley Foster is compelled to consume much time "in repelling the base calumnies of the Emancipator, Press, etc." She has decided to attend the National Nominating Convention in Buffalo, where Maria Weston Chapman will meet Gerrit Smith "and those of his stamp," who extend to her their warmest approval. Stephen Symonds Foster will be there. Abby Kelley Foster said: "I have conversed with him and find him as clear as a bell." John Pierpont will also be there; she quotes him as endorsing Foster. She suggests that Maria W. Chapman call on "the vile 'Liberty' papers" to make good their charges or retract them. She comments on [James Needham] Buffum. Abby Kelley Foster gives her account of the trouble between John A. Collins and Remond--Douglass [at Syracuse]: "One of them merely inquired whether the property meeting could not be set aside for anti-slavery--Collins became angry and they became angry--Both said what they would not in cool blood--..." She thinks that Remond and Douglass should not "have their pay stopped," and that Collins was not fit for the work to which he was appointed. James S. Gibbons, in a letter received, justifies himself in keeping the executive chair [of the American Anti-Slavery Society]. Abby Kelley Foster believes that the society is moribund and wants Maria W. Chapman to take charge of it. Samuel J. May and John Pierpont are to lecture here on abolition. Abby Kelley Foster says that "the place is now lashed with perfect fury. I got up a storm and Foster increased it to a tempest."
In the postscript, Abby Kelley Foster refers to Stephen S. Foster's book, The Brotherhood of Thieves; Or a True Picture of the American Church and Clergy, Boston, [1843].
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