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Letter from Abby Kelley Foster, Leicester, [NY], to Maria Weston Chapman, June 28, 1843

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Holograph, signed.
Abby Kelley Foster is requested by Mrs. Paulina Wright of Utica, NY, to ask for donations of some French work for the fair at Syracuse or for the fair held later at Utica. Mrs. Wright would also like suggestions relative to anti-slavery fairs. Abby Kelley Foster expresses dissatisfaction "with the movement at the N[ew] E[ngland] Convention touching agencies. Does it not in effect annul the American Society? Does it not look like arrogance on the part of Boston--..." Abby Kelley Foster elaborates more on this theme. She emphasizes the effectiveness of work concentrated on small sections in contrast to the more sensational procedure in conventions, as Abby Kelley Foster discovered by her own experience in central New York. Confidentially, Abby Kelley Foster complains of John A. Collins, who "needs someone as a balance wheel." She commends Joseph C. Hathaway and asks if his services can be secured.
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Ms.A.9.2 v.18, p.65