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Copy of letter from William Lloyd Garrison, Boston, [Mass.], to Oliver Johnson, May 1, 1858

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Merrill, Walter M. Letters of William Lloyd Garrison, v.4, no.215.
Handwritten copy of letter; not William Lloyd Garrison's handwriting.
William Lloyd Garrison thanks Oliver Johnson for the $15 to pay for the copy of the bust of Garrison and its transportation to New York. The sculptor, John Adams Jackson, is originally a Boston mechanic and is not appreciated by the aristocracy. John A. Jackson made a "capital" bust of Longfellow. Garrison describes the reactions that his wife and friends have of the bust of William L. Garrison. He discourses on the difficulty of achieving a satisfactory likeness of his face due to "its changeableness of expression" and his spectacles. Winchell Yerrinton's fine little boy died of measles and scarlatina. Garrison is glad that Theodore Parker will be at the Progressive Friends' meeting. Garrison mentions tentative plans for going to New York.
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Ms.A.1.1 v.5, p.57