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Copy of letter from William Lloyd Garrison, [Boston, Mass.], to Elizabeth Pease Nichol, [June 20, 1849]

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Merrill, Walter M. Letters of William Lloyd Garrison, v.3, no.269.
Extract. Copy. In the hand of Richard Davis Webb.
William Lloyd Garrison explains his stand on the Bible discussion published in the Liberator, which has caused grief and alarm to Elizabeth Pease and others. The Liberator is not the organ of the Anti-Slavery Society. The presentation of both sides of an issue or question is always allowed in the Liberator. If this does not offend Elizabeth Pease and Henry Vincent when other subject matters are debated, why does a discussion of the Bible now cause alarm? The Bible should be examined like any other book. One should not dogmatize about incomprehensible mysteries. William L. Garrison is for the extension of peace, liberty, and the overturning of tyranny. Garrison thinks that this is the mission of Jesus. A discussion of seemingly extraneous questions has been brought on by the enemies of the anti-slavery and nonresistance movements.
This manuscript is the second half of a letter by William Lloyd Garrison to Elizabeth Pease, June 20, 1849; see Call No. Ms.A.1.1 v.4, p.95 for the first part of the letter.
Includes an envelope with the delivery address: Elizabeth Pease, Darlington, Eng[land].
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Ms.A.1.1 v.4, p.96